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    The Samurai Champloo (サムライチャンプルー) cosplayers that stole my heart… Thank you SO much for bringing back so many memories. T_T The anachronisms, the animation, the music, the historical knowledge that it made me search for. I fell in love with Edo Period, japanese mythology and (ukiyo-e) painting. I fell in love with the director (Shinichiro Watanabe) and THEN with Cowboy Bebop. Masaru Gotsubo’s manga. Nakazawa’s designs. Shing02. SO much jazz knowledge from Nujabes’ samples. Thank you, Jun. どうもありがとうございます!Mystline still makes me cry. I fell so much in love it took me 9 months to write a tribute song over The Final View. It took a poem’s time, and hopefully it has the beauty of one… And the dopeness of yours. T_T Hope you and Dilla will listen to it next February 7. There hasn’t been a greek tribute (that sounded ancient) so it will be my honor. R.I.P. Samurai who smells of Sunflowers.

    MUGEN (ムゲン,2)  Kyōno (恭乃)
     (ジン Sakadzuki (サカヅキ)
     (フウ Akane (朱音)



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  4. Yo this is my band! It's called Proud Parent!

  5. I love the album version of this song a lot, but adding the orchestra just made it so much better.

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    coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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  8. Holy shit this album is really good.

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    Natalie Nourigat

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  10. Saturday, July 12th, was the end of an era. A house that was at most a five-minute drive from my apartment was the place to go for punk/indie/DIY shows. It was a normal one-story house in a college neighborhood. This house (in my opinion) was the source of the Raleigh music scene. Bands from all over North Carolina (and out of state) would converge into this simple house and provide such culture to our community that normal music venues would seem pretty boring. This house was well known as The Mattress Fort.

    This past Saturday was the last show ever at The Mattress Fort and it was definitely the most emotional night for those who came to witness this event. Tears were shed and memories were shared. I know that I’ve had my fair share of awesome moments there. My first time there I participated in the video shoot of Museum Mouth’s “Sexy But Not Happy”…… and got day-drunk from the first time. I got to see Tiny Moving Parts for the first time there (which was probably in my top five favorite shows in there). We all had great experiences there, whether you were playing a show or you were singing along in the crowd. We were a part of this culture that the Raleigh music scene needed and deserved. This house has been the beginning for many bands and from there they have grown bigger, gaining larger audiences. If not for The Mattress Fort, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into half the bands I listen to today. I definitely wouldn’t have had met some of the greatest people ever. The two last shows were on Friday and Saturday, July 11th and 12th of 2014, and they are definitely gonna be the most memorable days I will have in my life. Long live The Mattress Fort. The end.

  11. There is something at the base of my heart
    It yearns for your love, a true work of art
    But sometimes my heart gets frozen in fear
    It stops pumping blood when I feel you’re near

    And I guess I should have been born
    With a face that you could love a little more
    ‘Cause you are the one that I long for
    I’ll wait for you ‘til I can’t anymore

    I guess that I take comfort in your smile
    The way reflects all the words I’ve compiled
    But sometimes your smile doesn’t show its face
    Incased in a world where for me there’s no place

    And I guess we should have been born
    In a time that could love a little more
    But you are the girl that I long for
    I’ll wait for you ‘til I can’t anymore

    And I want you to love me
    You make me see clearly
    I swear its madness
    Give me all of your troubles
    The ones making you crumble
    Its fine my darling
    I want all of your being
    With every bit in me

  12. So recently I’ve heard about that the Vans Warped Tour has banned moshing and crowdsurfing, to which I thought, “no one is going to follow that rule,” knowing how many metal and hardcore bands play at these shows. But as it turns out, I watched a video of my favorite hardcore band, Every Time I Die, playing at this year’s Warped Tour and people were just standing and just banging there heads………unacceptable! Now the reasoning behind the “no moshing” rule is a very simple one: they don’t want to get sued, which is understandable if the bands encourage it. But people who have gone to hardcore shows know that there is going to be moshing involved, even if they themselves don’t want to mosh. Now even though moshing is a very violent looking way of enjoying a band, there are unspoken rules which I shall speak about.

    1. If you don’t want to mosh, stay out of the pit.

    Moshing is something someone chooses to do for the most part at appropriate shows (I say “appropriate” because moshing to John Mayer sounds and probably looks ridiculous). Some bands will encourage it and that’s how they get sued if someone gets hurt. So if you don’t want to be in the mosh pit, then move out of the pit before it starts. If you want to mosh but are new to it and are hesitant about going in, find a friend to team up with you and help you integrate into the moshing culture.

    2. If someone falls, you help them up.

    People are going to fall down and maybe get hurt. I know I have been pretty banged up from moshing and crowdsurfing. So if someone falls, you help them up and make sure that they are okay. If they aren’t okay take them out of the mosh pit and help them out any way you can or find someone who can help them. And if you can, follow through with them and make sure they are still okay. It’s just common decency.

    3. If someone is trying to go through the pit without getting swept up in the action, you let them pass before you continue moshing.

    There is always going to be someone who has to go through a mosh pit in order to get to the other side of the venue. Usually they will try to find an opening and get through, but if they can’t, help them get through so you can quickly get back to moshing.

    4. If someone is hurting people on purpose or getting into fights, stop them and/or kick them out.

    No one wants to be around people that are going to be physically harmful to you or anyone else. So you can take matters into your own hands and pull them out or get security to do that for you. Security will probably know how to handle those situations better. And if you do get hurt from a violent person, that is your person to sue if you’re going to sue anyone.

    So…… those are the unspoken rules of moshing. Now you may never want to mosh and that is fine too. People have their own way to enjoy shows. But we as decent human beings need to make everyone feel comfortable and have a pleasant show-going experience (however you want to go about doing that). Just be respectful towards one another and you are bound to not get sued.

  13. All I want is his head and this horrible fucking world will be wonderful again. There’s so much beauty in love and when I eat his beating heart, I can bring it back to us.
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A Softer World: 1089
(la petite mort)
buy this print
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